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Marc D'Agusto
Student Work: Introduction to Sculpture

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is open to ALL students.

Studio Sculpture I - is an introduction to the fundamentals of working in three dimentions using materials like plaster, metal, plastics, stone and wood.This course introduces basic methods, media and concepts in sculpture styles, both traditional and contemporary emphasizing additive and subtractive building methods (hand building, welding, carving, woodworking, and moldmaking). Formal consideration as well as design principles will be integrated. Through class critiques, students are encouraged to articulate and reflect on their own work and the work of their classmates. Students are also encouraged to develop an awareness and appreciation of various three dimentional forms within the visual arts and the contemporary world.

in light, shape, shadow, depth, form, and movement are examined in a natural progression from 2D knowledge to 3D. Activities include lectures, conceptualization, observation, creation, discussion, and critical analysis for each project. The aesthetic consideration of materials and tools in this context add to the expressive output of three-dimensional study. The process may begin with concept, material or observation; it continues by way of lecture, demonstration, critical analysis and class discussion until each project is crafted to completion.

Projects: 1. Study: figure in motion sculpture 2. Mask Making 3. Relief sculpture 4. Hand building (clay) 5. Found Objects

Homework: Students will have various take home projects and be required to keep a weekly sketchbook/journal. This functions for observation study, self-discovery and skill development and to record thoughts, observations, questions, etc. 

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