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Marc D'Agusto
Of Metal and Bone: Remnant- Rooted  


Remnant: Rooted

Remnants are part of the Of Metal and Bone series. These works are conceptual artifacts pulled out from the ashes of broken landscapes altered by time. Explorations of the traces from discarded history and how it may allude to genesis, to transformation and new beginnings.

Rooted, 2014
Outdoor Public Sculpture Installation
Dimensions: 20' x 7' x 20"

Exhibition Details: 
The Lennie Pierro Memorial Art Foundation with The Village of South Orange, Pierro Gallery (PGOSO) announces IN-SITE: the Intersection of Art and Architecture opening this fall. This is an outdoor sculpture exhibition to explore the connections and relationships between art and architecture. Emphasis will include contemporary approaches toward the environment and habitat as well as re-appropriating existing architectural elements in a contemporary, artistic endeavor. The works may include site-specific pieces as well as installations of existing work within a specific and selected space. The selections of work and place will be decided between the artist and the curator with final approval through LPMAF and the Village of South Orange. (for more information, contact mail@pierrofoundation.org.)

Curators:  Jeanne Brasile (Director, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University; independent curator in the tri-state region; nationally recognized artist) and Tom McGlynn (independent curator; nationally recognized artist; writer) With oversight/participation from: LPMAF Director: Judy Wukitsch and PGOSO Director: Sandy Martiny