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Studio Painting: Rockland Campus
      • Painting I ART344: Syllabus
      • Painting II ART345: Syllabus

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Great image sources:
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Home Work: Painting 1
      • Exercise 1: Value Stick
      • Home  work Image for Min 11x14 - Black and white painting (Grirsaille)

      • Exercise 3: Analagous & Complimentary Color blend
      • Slide: Space and Composition
      • Exercise 3: color wheel

Home Work: Painting 2
      • Exercise 1:Home  work Image for: Min 14x14 - Black and white painting (Grirsaille)
      • Exercise 2: Shade/tint pallete
      • Exercise 3: Analagous & Complimentary Color blend
• Exercise 4: Color Pallete 1, Color Pallete 2

1. I highly recommend getting a loose drawing of the Still life started from your photograph. Try focusing on your composition choices, space relationships and proportions as a foundation. You can make minor modifications and focus on "painting" in the class when we are back in class.

2. Also, Anyone who has not completed the tile painting needs to complete it. If your first draft got messed up then here is your time to make up for it.

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