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Introduction to the Visual Arts FNA101:
      • Syllabus

      • Ecompanion - REQUIRED: Primary access to course updates, cancellations, and student questions.

Required Text and Content: Art: a Brief History. 5th edition, Stokstad, Marilyn and Michael Cothren.

  1. *Book and/or e-book, audio book Streaming with MyArtsLab: Art: a Brief History is available. This online resource includes an online ebook with practice quizzes for each chapter. This is very highly recommended.
    GET IT HERE: Use Course ID: (d'agusto44161)

  2. Book only: Stokstad, Marilyn and Michael Cothren. Art: a Brief History. 5th edition. Pearson: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2010. This book is required and necessary to complete your assignments. (Aprox $80-160)

  3. E-book alone: You will receive NO paper book, study resources or Streaming audio text (Aprox $80) GET IT HERE:

  4. Metropolitan Museum of Art Website:
  5. Interpreting Art: Reflecting, Wondering, and Responding by Terry Barret: Chapters are available below
Recommended Text: Writing About Art by Henry M. Sayre

HARDBOUND journal or sketchbook between 5x8 an 8.5x11, large Molskine Sketchbook ( are highly recommended and available Online and Brick and mortar bookstores, art stores etc.

Dowloadable Readings, Links and Materials:
For those of you who are having difficulty getting the text in time to complete the reading assignments, below you will find the fist and second chapter downloadable as a pdf.
      • Text reading Prebles Artforms Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 pgg 17-29 | Chapter 2 pgg 29-40
      • Text Readings:: Interpreting Art: Intro xv-xxi | Interpreting Art - Chapter 8
      • Text Reading: Interpreting Art - Chapter 2

• Lecture Slides: Intro
      • Lecture Slides: Element of Value
      • Lecture Slides: Element of Color
      • Lecture Slides: Principles, Balance and Unity
      • Lecture Slides: Element of Space, Composition, Form
      • Lecture Slides: Evaluation of Art

Completed: Midterm Exam: <Downloaded here>, TYPE answers IN the document with the approprate question, PRINT them out, then hand in at the BEGINNING of class on the following Monday's class, otherwise lateness deductions will apply. Make sure your name is on the top in the front of the front page. Exams will not be collected after Monday's class unless a PRIOR appoval and documentation.

Great image sources for journal drawings
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      • Corbis:

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