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Solo Exhibitions

2016 Excavation–TransFormation, two-man show, City Without Walls Gallery, Newark, NJ

2016 Excavation–TransFormation, collaborative installation, Andover-Newton Theological, MA

2015 Third Annual Gala, NYC Relief Charity Exhibit, Liberty House, Jersey City, NJ

2015  Whitestone Gallery (TBA), Philadelphia, PA

2015   Rivier University Gallery (TBA), NH

2015   Connie A. Eastburn Gallery, Cairn University Gallery (TBA), Philadelphia, PA

2013   "Forgotten Place", Paul Robeson Gallery, Rutgers University, NJ

2011   “Of Metal and Bone”, Solo’s Project House, Open Door’s Festival Newark, NJ

2010   "Nothing in site" Installation, Finley S. Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2010   Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

2010   "Self-Pretense" Installation, Finley S. Gallery special projects room, Montclair, NJ

2010    Monterey Towers Opening, Watchung, NJ

2010  Lobby Gallery, Solo’s Project House, Newark, NJ

Group Exhibitions

2016  “Sculpture New Hope, 2016”, Juried, New Hope Arts Center, New Hope, PA

2016  “Obstruction”, Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

2015  “Metro 31 Show" Juried Small Works Traveling Exhibit, City Without Walls, Newark, NJ

         • Ramapo College, Mahwah, NJ    • Medford Art Center, Medford, NJ

         • Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ • Johnson Free Public Library, Hackensack, NJ

   • City Hall, Jersey City, NJ • B. Beamsderfer Art Center, Highland Park, NJ

2014    “MFA National Competition”, First Street Gallery, Chelsea NY

2014    "Emerald City" 2 Gateway Center Gallery, Newark, NJ

2014    "IN-SIGHT Intersection of Art & Architecture" Public work, Pierro Gallery, S. Orange, NJ

2014    "CIVA NY: How Art Works" All Angels Gallery, New York, NY

2014    "CFW: Making All Things New" Metropolitan West, New York, NY

2013    "Venae Cavae", Interactive Projection, Gallery Aferro: Activate, Newark, NJ

2013    "University's 100th Aniversity arts initiative exhibit", Cairn University, Philadelphia, PA

2013    "Open Air Showcase", Gravity Arts Initiatives, Dunellen, NJ

2013    "Skylight Review Exhibit", Arts Annex, Dunellen, NJ

2013    "5th Annual Benefit Auction", Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ

2012    Fountain Air Fair”, Armory Show, 69th Regiment Armory, NY

2012    “Red Bank Art Walk”, Gallery 135, Red Bank, NJ

2011    “10th Edition of Fountain at Basel Miami”, Miami, FL

2011    “10th Edition of at Basel Miami”, Miami, FL

2011    “8th Annual Fresh Meat / Young Blood”, SICA, Longbranch, NJ

2011    “Montclair State University MFA Thesis Exhibit”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2011    “YooDaMan”, Finely Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2010    “Dont' look Now” MSU MFA, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

2010    “Open Doors Festival - Studio tour" Newark Arts Council Newark, NJ

2010    “Collect This”, 239 Collective Gallery, Newark, NJ

2010    Into the Void”, Index Gallery, Newark, NJ

2010    “Montclair State MFA group show", Index Gallery, Newark, NJ  

2010    "Début opening showcase", Solo’s Project House, Newark, NJ

2009    “Parkway Studios showcase and tour", Bloomfield, NJ

2009    “Narrative Art" Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

2009   “Intentionally Untitled", Finley S. Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2009  “From Across the River”, Steuben West Gallery, Brooklyn NY

2008   “Incorporeal", Finley S. Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2008   “Portals and Port-Smiths", Finley S. Gallery, Montclair, NJ

2006   “Enter In: Arts Conference”, Pillar College, Zarephath, NJ

2002   “Gravity Artist Exhibition”, Dancing Goat Gallery, Orange, NJ

2001   “Gravity Artist Exhibition”, Dancing Goat Gallery, Orange, NJ

2000   “CBGB’s Artist Showcase”, New York, NY

1999   “Metro Arts Festival – Artist Showcase”, Liberty State Park, NJ

Award & Juried Exhibitions

2012   MFA National Competition, First Street Gallery, Chelsea NY

2012   3rd 2014 Artslant Showcase Winner, NY

2010   Honorable Mention: “Clash of the Artist " Art For Progress, NY, NY

2009   Best In show “Juried Exhibition" Watchung Art Center, Watchung, NJ

2009   Finalist: “My Art Space, 2009 Miami Aqua Art Competition" Miami FL

2009   Finalist: “Art in Action” International Arts Movement -Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NY

2009   William Nagengast Memorial Award: “Juried Exhibition” Somerset Art Association, Bedminister, NJ. Juried by Denise Hansson, Art Consultant, Avila Fine Arts

2008   Honorable Mention: “Juried Member Exhibition” Visual Art Center, Summit, NJ. Juried by Edwin Ramoran, Director at Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, Newark, NJ

2008   “Juried Member Exhibition” Somerset Art Association, Bedminister, NJ

1992   1st place: Painting, “Juried Exhibition” The College of New Jersey, NJ

1989   1st place: “DECA”, State Outdoor Advertising competition, NJ

1989   1st place: “DECA”, Regional Outdoor Advertising competition, NJ

Published Work

2013   “Bathroom” Gallery Catalogue, Aferro Gallery, Newark, NJ

2012   “Sighted I” One page feature in Artist Portfolio Magazine: Abstracts

2012   “Sighted II” Installation, Contemporary Art Catalogue, White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia PA

2012   “Great Hall”, Gospels of Rage, comments on the culture of fanaticism, by Forest F. White



2008-2011   MFA in Studio Art, Montclair State University, NJ

 2010   Non-Profit Art buisness course work, Montclair State University, NJ

         2006  Stage-craft design, Raritan County College, NJ

         2003  Classroom Management:  Behavior Management, Raritan County College, NJ

         1998   Art Education course work, The College of New Jersey

         1994   BFA in Graphic Design, The College of New Jersey

1989-1990   Art Institute of Philadelphia , PA


Academic Credentials

New Jersey State Teachers Certificate & ACSI Teachers Certificate

2009-2012  Adjunct professor of Fine Arts, Painting, Drawing, Introduction to Visual Arts, Distance Learning

                         Nyack College, NYC and Nyack, NY

2004-2008   Teacher of Art, 7th-12th grade, SCA, Zarephath, NJ

2001-2009  Creative development & art education, Gravity Inc. 501(c)(3) Arts Initiative, NJ

2008, 2009   Teachers Assistant, Montclair State University; Painting and 3D design, Montclair NJ

2008, 2009   Teachers Assistant, Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation; Summer Session, CO

          2009   Lecture Presentation, Voorhees High School, Glen Gardner; NJ

    2006   Panelist - Lecture Workshop "Enter In: Arts Conference"Pillar College, Zarephath, NJ

          2005   Lecture Presentation, Pillar College, Zarephath, NJ

2004-2005   Substitute Teacher, Great Meadows MS and Warren Hills HS, NJ

1997-2001   Adventure Education, The High Ground Adventure Co., Edison, NJ


Professional & Administrative

2001-Present  Executive Director - Founder, Gravity Inc. 501(c)(3) Arts Initiative, Dunellen, NJ

2009-2012   Board of Directors, Watchung Art Center; Watchung, NJ

2004-2008  Art Department Director K-12th, SCA; Zarephath, NJ

2001-2009  Executive Director - Founder, Gravity Inc. 501(c)(3) arts Initiative, NJ

1997-2001  Executive Director - Event Coordinator, The High Ground Adventure Co., NY/NJ

2000-2004  Creative Director, Liquid, Millington, NJ

2002-2003  Art Director, Marketing Edge Group, North Brunswick, NJ

1998-2000  Art Director/Digital Media Director, JK Design, Somerset NJ

Design Work History

2002-2003    Art Director, Marketing Edge Group

1998-2004    Freelance Art Director, Various agencies

1998-2000    Art Director/Digital Media Director, JK Design

1990-1998    Contract Graphic Designer, Various agencies

1999-2001    Software Training Consultant

1993-1994    Graphic Designer, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Graphic Studio

          1992    Airbrush Artist/T-shirt Designer, Great Adventure Theme Park

          1991    Designer/Production Artist, Max Graphix, Berlin NJ

1990-1991    Graphic Designer/Production Artist, CQ Publications/Ad Lib Advertising

1988-1989    Designer/Production Artist, Art Graphix



My work examines the temporal condition of humanity and nuances of transformation by sifting through the rubble of contemporary life. Bodies and shelters are designed to contain activity and life both are altered by time and decay. I incorporate architectural forms, processes and earthen materials, imbuing the work with allusions to the mind, body and spirit in harmony with industrial and arboreal forms. Bringing to mind associations with both realms of natural and artifice.

Remnants often appear in my work, disintegrating façades replete with fragments, fissures, cracks, and relief textures. Reminiscent of excavated artifacts, relics of a deteriorating past and broken memories are express through a process of layering techniques where I build up, peel away, scrape down, and build up again – as a ritual manifestation and meditation of one’s daily movement through life, illuminating the active life of the interior that manifests externally. This discarded history alludes to new beginnings, a journey from creation to decay, from ruin to reclamation that concludes in redemption. Like a molting cicada shedding its past life bringing forth a renewed generative identity.

The ephemeral nature of the broken and entropic surfaces may suggest, like memory, that time may soon forget it. However, like the newly found artifact of ancient ruins it becomes venerated and no longer seen as broken. For me this speaks to notions of the Divine's bestowal of beauty onto the ruined, restoring it from the ashes of devastation.[top]


Marc D’Agusto is an artist and educator whose works have been exhibited extensively in New Jersey, New York, Miami and Philadelphia including solo exhibitions in Philadelphia, Montclair, Watchung, and Newark.  By way of 20 years as an art director/graphic designer he since has traversed into the education and nonprofit industries. He has worked as an adjunct professor and is founder and executive director of Gravity Inc, an arts initiative seeking to increase collaboration among artists, accessibility and vitality of the arts within community.

Born in 1971, Woodbury, NJ. One might imagine an artist's development would be some romanticized mythology of serendipitous convergences, not unlike Mozart, a classic narrative revealing a higher anointing and passion to the creative spirit of a young prodigy. Arguably, these streams may have been present in Marc's life, but by his middle school years they were supplanted by a mythic lack of discipline and opportunity, and a passion for mischief more in tune with Tom Sawyer and Shakespeare's Puck. Sadly, it wasn't from virtuous affect nor notions of higher love for the creative spirit that unlocked his artistic propensity. It was one fateful day in 7th grade study hall where he learned the potential power of the arts to acquire female attention. Similar teenage courtship efforts led him to champion status in wrestling, cross-country and competitive street dancing. Dedicated as he was to his quest, his artistic skills developed quickly, from comic book characters, psychedelic scenes, to a variety of sculptural articulations. After pushing his way through a sub-par high school arts program and continually missing every opportunity to land a date along the way, his passions lead him to a career path as an artist. He first attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and then later completed his BFA with a concentration in graphic design at The College of New Jersey.

He has since been a career artist with over 20 years experience as a graphic designer, art director, web designer, and corporate educator, working with various organizations in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. Marc is a dedicated artist, educator, and creative arts director. He has 5 years experience as the creator and director of a private school art program while also teaching at the secondary school level. He is the founder and executive director of Gravity a 501(c)(3) arts CDC initiative. He motivates, challenges and nurtures students of all ages to develop their unexplored creative talents. Marc is passionate about fostering students’ abilities to see the world as it is while exploring how it is perceived. He is gifted in unleashing individuals’ personalities in their art, careers and personal life by encouraging creativity through the exploration of their worlds. This has led Marc to Montclair State University of New Jersey, where he is currently pursuing his Masters in Fine Arts degree with the desire for creative expression and innovative approaches to life

His multilayered work utilizes industrial substances that engage in relationships between architecture, the ephemeral body and notions of reclamation. These works incorporate fragmented, fractured architectural motifs employing the use of elemental metals, synthetic resins and earthen constructs that suggest transformation, renewal, and the passing of time. These remnants draw attention to a decaying past while employing allegorical references to the human body, redemption, and rebirth. . [top]



"I have had the pleasure of knowing Marc for the past four years and during that time we have worked together on various projects. Marc exhibited in a show I curated entitled “Into the Void” and for that exhibition he created a complex site-specific installation. I enjoy Marc’s strong work ethic and diligence in all facets of the planning and execution process. His work habits are meticulous and he is a great communicator, keeping me apprised of his progress in the studio in the months leading up to the installation and during the installation process as well. Marc is an excellent collaborator and I enjoy his artistic vision as well as his willingness to have an open dialogue. Marc and I stay in touch and I know that we will be working together again soon. He can always be counted on for his calm demeanor and his wonderful sense of humor. He is a curator’s dream ~ Jeanner Brasile: Director/Curator for Seton Hall University Walsh Gallery

"Marc is a driven and dedicated artist, who has devoted his life to creating. I admire his courage to explore large and uncharted concepts, as well as constantly challenging himself to create using raw materials. It has been a pleasure working with him in the past couple years. I look forward to seeing more." ~Rebecca Jampol: Principle/Curator Solo's Project House, S&J Projects, Gateway Gallery

“What is outstanding with Marc's studio practice is his sensitivity to his materials and his ability to make them light, diaphanous and penetrable despite their solid and uncompliant natures. I look forward to the work he will be making in the future.” ~Katrina Bello: Independent curator, Artist

“It has been a great honor to work with Marc D’Agusto over the past years. He is without a doubt, the most well-rounded, intelligent and creative individual that I have the opportunity to know. Refusing to be boxed into any title or role, Marc daily demonstrates the importance of creativity in the lives of those with whom he comes into contact. His passion for the arts and creativity is contagious to all those around him. As an artist Marc is keenly in touch with the emotions and thoughts that his work portrays. He is uniquely able to weave contrasts together in order to express the complexities of life. He is able to start with the essence of his subject and works outward. From this position of understanding he is able to demonstrate the stark contrasts that are at the heart of human existence. Marc demonstrates a quiet determination to endure and succeed. Many times I have seen him in situations that have tried his mind, spirit and body, and yet he overcomes. In spite of these successes, he maintains an attitude of true humility. He is keenly aware of both his strengths and weaknesses, but never seems to allow one to eclipse the other. From this place of balance, he has been able to inspire others to explore their creativity and follow their own muses. Marc will give as much as he receives in any situation. He is generous with time and encouragement. Many of his former students are pursuing careers in the arts due to his influence; even those who are not have been forever changed by his coaching and encouragement. He has founded a not-for-profit arts organization that is furthering the reach of arts in his own community. This organization is dedicated to the premise that arts are not just for a select few and that creativity is inherent to every individual who has ever lived.” ~Claudine M D'Angelo-Dotzman: Author, and Professor of Communications and World Languages Passaic County College

“Marc is a multi-talented indvidual ~ not to be confused with a 'jack-of-all-trades' which in itself is something to admire; but more in the sense that Marc is an accomplished professional as a: 1) working artsit in the realm(s) of painting and sculpture 2) an engaging public speaker and educator of all things art and art- community related 3) a creative, graphics designer for promotional venue(s) and product-oriented advertising. I have showcased Marc's formidable paintings to adorn the walls of a new, luxury housing collection. His bold, brilliant and colorful artwork literally made the real estate come alive in a manner unlike I've experienced to date. He's a pleasure to work with ~ and a 'do-er and thinker' whose personal band-width of knowledge, experience and creativity render him in an unparalled class of excellence. ~Jim Longo: Watchung Art Center Board Member; Broker-Salesperson, Weichert Realtors

“Marc is a talented artist with a message. In the faces he paints, the scenes he portrays, the sculptures he forms, is a message: Life -- in all it's fullness -- the beauty, the difficulty and redemption. Marc has strong leadership skills which he can bring to any creative organization. He has been Executive Director of gravity, a non-profit organization focused on the arts.”  ~ Bill Sahlman: Owner, Sahlman Art Studio, Inc.

“Marc and I worked together to found Gravity. Marc was instrumental in transforming Gravity into a very effective arts organization that transcended everything we had initially imagined. His accomplishments have impressed me for years, and I would recommend him without hesitation for any arts initiative.” ~ Russ Wills: Artist, Faculty, Pillar College

“Marc is a talented artist. He has the ability to tap into the artists' most creative inner-core as they discover their own artistic voice. In 20+ years of education I have never encountered, or worked with a more caring and gifted person. When Marc worked for me, I wanted to build a school around what he could do for our overall educational program. However, what I soon found out was that he was much more capable at this than I. His program became the desired place to be on campus. This was due to his amazing ability to build passion in the students to become a true artist and better student. I have personally seen how he empowers the artist as they illustrate, interpret and give voice to the unspoken creative community. He has been a part of transforming lives because of his teacher's heart and genuine care for his students. Working with Marc was a highlight of my personal and professional career.” ~ Wendell Murray: Headmaster

“Marc and I both worked for PIllar of Fire. Marc is an excellent teacher. He developed an art program at the academy that transformed students in areas well beyond the arts.”  ~ Russ Wills: Artist, Faculty, Pillar College [top]