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Of Metal & Bone Series

The Of Metal & Bone series draws upon various landscapes and objects centered around themes of decay and reclamation - a journey of ruin to renew that utilizes constructed spaces, buildings, architectural forms and artifacts as an allegory for the framing of the human body and mind and spirit.

Sculpture Remnants


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Forgotten Place Series

The Forgotten Place works address similar conceptual history and earlier building blocks of the Of Metal & Bone series. Each explores traces of discarded history and alludes to new beginnings. Each address notions of catharsis, the shedding of self and reclamation through a varied aesthetic iteration and conceptual focus.

In Forgotten Place these ideas are expressed though a unique process of layering techniques where I build up, peel away, scrape down, and build up again – as a ritual manifestation of our daily movement through life. Here the use of constructed spaces, process and material are employed for the framing of the human body and its fleeting corporeal condition.



Iron and concrete as bone; facades and veneers as skin and dressing; minerals and oxidation as an elemental transformative construct; the illusion of space suggests memory and thought.

Each work exhibits a remnant of a painted image on the surface of a disintegrating façade replete with fissures, cracks and relief textures on a bed of assorted oxidized metals and minerals. These surface forms are reminiscent of an excavated artifact or the deterioration of memories, past events or places. It appears very tenuous and suggests that the deterioration process would accelerate with careless handling. The ephemeral nature of the broken and entropic surfaces may suggest, like memory, that time may soon forget this place.

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Other Work

Various musings and explorations.

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