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Marc D’Agusto is a dedicated artist, educator and innovator. He has 5 years experience as the creator and director of a private school art program while also teaching at the secondary and college level for over 8 years. He is the founder and executive director of Gravity a 501(c)(3) arts CDC initiative, and currently adjunct professor of fine arts at Nyack College. He motivates, challenges and nurtures students, of all ages, to develop their unexplored creative talents. Marc is passionate about fostering students’ abilities to see the world as it is while exploring how it is perceived. He is gifted in unleashing individuals’ personalities in their art, careers and personal life by encouraging creativity through the exploration of their worlds.

Explore your talents and discover your creative voice.
Fine & commercial art, creative development & education for youth & adults. Start your creative journey and hone your artistic skills while realizing the power of creative expression to transform lives, build bridges and lift the spirit. Creative development is for those who wish to take their craft, career and personal journey to the next level. Instruction is personalized for class or to individual goals.

MFA in Studio Arts from Montclair State University and Certified K-12:
Individual and orginaizational creative development professional with 20 years experience in fine art, 8 years as an art educator and program director, 18 years in graphic design, advertising and corporate education with various organizations in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, 5 years in art direction and web design, 5 years of proven leadership and team building as a founder and director of a non-profit arts organization, and an outdoor adventure company

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    • Introduction to Drawing 01

    • Introduction to Graphic Design & Typography
    • Introduction to 3D Design
    • Introduction to Painting 01

• Art education & Creative development:
   - Secondary (7-12), University, Corporate, Private
• Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Graphic Design
• PhotoShop, Illustrator, Indesign, PowerPoint
• Welding, Moldmaking, Woodworking
• Lecture presentations, Workshops, Seminar, Panelist
Collaborative ventures
• Graphic design services



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“You are a magnificent professor with a burning passion for the subject you are teaching. I honestly found your class captivating and creatively liberating.”

"... Your class is probably one of the most engaging and intellectual courses I'm taking ..."

“Professor D'Agusto is an amazing instructor. Knowledgeable, respectful, challenging and funny too. I enjoyed his class very much. This class and the instructor met all the expectations that I had from the beginning of the semester. This class and Professor D'Agusto, helped me to be a more well rounded and educated student. Art is part of our everyday life, thanks to this class I have a better understanding and appreciation for art.”

“Attached is my final project! It was great being a part of your class, I learned a lot!! Thank you Professor D!!”

"I would like to thank you for awakening the artist in me. because of your class, i know that I can draw and have a deeper appreciation for art in my life."

"I really learned how to draw! I couldn't believe how much I could do and this course helped me to see that! I loved being able to improve my abilities and the professor encourage all his students that they could and we did!

I took Professor D'Agusto for both drawing and Painting. I can't even explain how much I learned from him. I really feel confident with the skills he has given me. I never thought I would ever be able to draw or paint the way I can now. He's Awesome!

“Good evening professor. Attached is my final project. Thank you for the things that you taught me this semester. One of the major things I took away from the class is how how art and its history has influenced me in my whole walk of life. Thank you. Have a wonderful summer.


“Marc is a talented artist. He has the ability to tap into the artists' most creative inner-core as they discover their own artistic voice. In 20+ years of education I have never encountered, or worked with a more caring and gifted person. When Marc worked for me, I wanted to build a school around what he could do for our overall educational program. However, what I soon found out was that he was much more capable at this than I. His program became the desired place to be on campus. This was due to his amazing ability to build passion in the students to become a true artist and better student. I have personally seen how he empowers the artist as they illustrate, interpret and give voice to the unspoken creative community. He has been a part of transforming lives because of his teacher's heart and genuine care for his students. Working with Marc was a highlight of my personal and professional career.” ~ Wendell Murray, Headmaster

“Marc and I both worked for PIllar of Fire. Marc is an excellent teacher. He developed an art program at the academy that transformed students in areas well beyond the arts.”  ~ Russ Wills, Faculty, Somerset Christian College

“It has been a great honor to work with Marc D’Agusto over the past years. He is without a doubt, the most well-rounded, intelligent and creative individual that I have the opportunity to know. Refusing to be boxed into any title or role, Marc daily demonstrates the importance of creativity in the lives of those with whom he comes into contact. His passion for the arts and creativity is contagious to all those around him. As an artist Marc is keenly in touch with the emotions and thoughts that his work portrays. He is uniquely able to weave contrasts together in order to express the complexities of life. He is able to start with the essence of his subject and works outward. From this position of understanding he is able to demonstrate the stark contrasts that are at the heart of human existence. Marc demonstrates a quiet determination to endure and succeed. Many times I have seen him in situations that have tried his mind, spirit and body, and yet he overcomes. In spite of these successes, he maintains an attitude of true humility. He is keenly aware of both his strengths and weaknesses, but never seems to allow one to eclipse the other. From this place of balance, he has been able to inspire others to explore their creativity and follow their own muses. Marc will give as much as he receives in any situation. He is generous with time and encouragement. Many of his former students are pursuing careers in the arts due to his influence; even those who are not have been forever changed by his coaching and encouragement. He has founded a not-for-profit arts organization that is furthering the reach of arts in his own community. This organization is dedicated to the premise that arts are not just for a select few and that creativity is inherent to every individual who has ever lived.” ~Claudine M D'Angelo-Dotzman, Author, and Professor of Communications and World Languages at Somerset Christian College and Passaic County College

“Marc is a multi-talented indvidual ~ not to be confused with a 'jack-of-all-trades' which in itself is something to admire; but more in the sense that Marc is an accomplished professional as a: 1) working artsit in the realm(s) of painting and sculpture 2) an engaging public speaker and educator of all things art and art- community related 3) a creative, graphics designer for promotional venue(s) and product-oriented advertising. I have showcased Marc's formidable paintings to adorn the walls of a new, luxury housing collection. His bold, brilliant and colorful artwork literally made the real estate come alive in a manner unlike I've experienced to date. He's a pleasure to work with ~ and a 'do-er and thinker' whose personal band-width of knowledge, experience and creativity render him in an unparalled class of excellence. ~Jim Longo, Watchung Art Center Board Member; Broker-Salesperson, Weichert Realtors

“What is outstanding with Marc's studio practice is his sensitivity to his materials and his ability to make them light, diaphanous and penetrable despite their solid and uncompliant natures. I look forward to the work he will be making in the future.” ~Katrina Bello, independent curator, Artist

“Marc is a talented artist with a message. In the faces he paints, the scenes he portrays, the sculptures he forms, is a message: Life -- in all it's fullness -- the beauty, the difficulty and redemption. Marc has strong leadership skills which he can bring to any creative organization. He has been Executive Director of gravity, a non-profit organization focused on the arts.”  ~Bill Sahlman, Owner, Sahlman Art Studio, Inc.

“Marc and I worked together to found Gravity. Marc was instrumental in transforming Gravity into a very effective arts organization that transcended everything we had initially imagined. His accomplishments have impressed me for years, and I would recommend him without hesitation for any arts initiative.” ~ Russ Wills, Faculty, Somerset Christian College

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